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We welcome everyone to join the Worcester County Amateur Radio Club. You do not need to live in Worcester County to join our club, you do not even need to be a ham. Our club shares those same pursuits of the general Ham Radio community, good will, and knowledge. We share a love of technology and wholesome recreation. If you are interested in joining the club, please feel free to contact us. 

Phone: (508) 892-4051

No upcoming events.

Hot Dog Annie's

Hot Dog Annie's 

Starting the first Saturday in May 

 Ending the first Saturday in September

WW1RC meets casually every Saturday at 12:30 PM at Hot Dog Annie's 

Their address is:

 244 Paxton St, Leicester, MA 01524  

No upcoming events.

Eller's Restaurant

We meet the last Wednesday of every month at Eller's Restaurant

The address is: 190 Main Street Cherry Valley, MA 01611 

Phone: (508) 892-3925

No upcoming events.


Forever Members


Lifetime Members

 5 -  GEORGE

 6 -  JOANNE 

All are welcome to join

Whether you are a licensed ham radio operator. Or just looking for some fun.